les mots-doubs en anglais


From Friday till Sunday chaired by the price(prize) Goncourt on 2008!


The cultural event of the year on the literary plan(shot) to Besançon, a merry holiday(feast) of the Book and which emotion, I indeed believe that I shall be there: to meet names (I was so happy to speak with I Alonso, Has Gave, Claude Villers, the wife of Nougaro, the girl of Lino Ventura but also to catch a glimpse of JC Ruffin, to dare some words with Blanche de Richemont. ALAIN REY, I bought the book and I did not dare to speak to him : thus think, a history(story) of the encyclopaedism...

Lavish Nathalie Rheims was hardly courted when she signed négligeamment my dedication!

The pleasure is especially to find Mister Pinard and my friends (Jean-Louis Clade, Bernard Longchamp, Guy-Louis Anguenot, I hope that the nice exchanges with Brigitte Rochelandet in the library will become a reality by beautiful funs)

And especially exchange with the public, and who knows? I shall sell well some books of my monograph.

It was one of my objectives and I would be filled to reach it.

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